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Borrowing Players

There are strict rules which govern the borrowing of players.  To avoid issues, please check with Ground Control BEFORE taking the court.

It is important to ask your team if they know in advance of any days that they won’t be able to play. As most of our teams have limited reserves there may be a time when you need to borrow a player from another St Caths team. In this folder you will find a table that will show you what teams you can borrow from. If you do need to borrow from another team you will need to contact the manager or coach of that team. ( All coaches and managers contact details can be found at front of folder.)

For teams 10 years and up: When you borrow a player you will need to get their photo card and take it with you to Ground Control along with the player before the start of the game.

rules regarding borrowing players from ssna

Borrowing Players – Only Game
Players may only be borrowed from teams within the same club.

If a player is borrowed by another team, and it is the ONLY game she is playing on that play day, she may be borrowed from any team which is of a lower grade in that age group or from any grade in any lower age group which is eligible (see below).
However if a senior team already has two (2) 13, 14, 15 year old players registered in that team they are not permitted to borrow any more players of those ages (see below).

If the borrowed player is playing her only game of the day in a higher team she is regarded as a full member of the team for that game and can be played even if the team has 7 or more of their original players. She can be used as a substitute if needed.

The borrowed players name must be written on the scoresheet with her registered team and the words ‘ONLY GAME’ recorded beside her name. Failure to do so will incur a loss of two points.

Borrowing Players – Second Game
Under normal circumstances, the following borrowing guidelines apply:

  • 8 years division can play up to 10’s division.
  • 9 years division can play up to 11’s division.
  • 10 years division can play up to 13’s division.
  • 11/12 years division can play up to 16’s division.

12 and under divisions cannot play in the 18’s or Seniors.

The player playing 2nd game must register at Control, with their photo, before taking the court for the borrowing team.

PLEASE NOTE: for 2nd games, there are also grade qualifications. Refer to the ‘2nd Game Rule’ chart which becomes available between Grading and Day 1.