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Information for Coaches & Managers

All teams require a coach and manager to ensure the successful running of the teams.  We rely on volunteers to fill these positions, and would like to thank those who perform these key duties each year.

working with children check
All coaches, managers and umpires over 18 are required to complete their Working With Children check via Service NSW.  This process is free, and lasts for 5 years.

See WWC website for information on how to apply


The kits are the coach and/or managers responsibility. They are to be taken to each training session and game. Please ensure that the bibs are clean for each game and that the balls are fully pumped. If throughout the season you need anything replaced in your kit contact the equipment coordinator


Photo cards must be taken to each game and shown to opposing team. The scoresheet must be signed by both teams in the “Photos Sighted” box. ( not relevant to 8’s & 9’s )


There are strict rules which govern the borrowing of players.  To avoid issues, please check with Ground Control BEFORE taking the court.

It is important to ask your team if they know in advance of any days that they won’t be able to play. As most of our teams have limited reserves there may be a time when you need to borrow a player from another St Caths team. In this folder you will find a table that will show you what teams you can borrow from. If you do need to borrow from another team you will need to contact the manager or coach of that team. ( All coaches and managers contact details can be found at front of folder.)

For teams 10 years and up: When you borrow a player you will need to get their photo card and take it with you to Ground Control along with the player before the start of the game.


You will be given enough Mc Donald’s awards for one for each player. It is up to you how you use these awards. You can hand one out each week as an encouragement award or player of the match. (Included in this folder is a sheet that you can use to record this.) Alternatively you can decide as a team to save them up until the end of the season and all go to McDonalds together to celebrate.  Whichever suits your team best as long as by the end of the season every player has received their award.


In the event of wet weather the most up to date information can be found on the SSNA website: If you have an 8am timeslot  the manager of the team will be notified by the SSNA if the game has been called off. For all other timeslots it is the managers and or coaches responsibility to check the website and notify members of their team of any changes.

Under 8’s & 9’s : In the event of wet weather leading up to your game the council could close Seymour Shaw. If this does happen your game will be moved to Barden Ridge. Wet Weather games at Barden Ridge are played at a different timeslot  so it is important that you check the SSNA website leading up to the game.  Decision to play at Barden Ridge will always be made the day prior to play.  If games are not moved to Barden Ridge, then wet weather decision will be made throughout the morning based on conditions

PLAYERS and positions

It is important to encourage and recognise each player throughout the season. Please remind the players and their parents that netball is not only about winning or losing. It’s about exercise, learning new skills, making new friends and improving not only individually but also as a team. We ask that you keep a record of who stands off each week so that you can make sure that each child gets the same time on the court regardless of their ability.

Under 8’s & 9’s the players are to rotate positions throughout the game. At this age every player should get to have a turn at each position.


10yrs and above: Each team will be assigned an umpire. It is up to you to make sure that your umpire can get to and from the game. If wet weather is called you need to inform your umpire. You will need to collect money from each player to cover the cost of your umpire each week. Make sure you pay your umpire prior to the start of the game.
8’s & 9’s: You need to umpire your own games.  Parents can umpire games.  Modified rules apply, and umpiring is not strict.  Basic understanding of the rules and a lot of patience is all that is required.