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Information for Umpires

SSNA requires the club provide one umpire for all games.  As a small club, we have a limited number of umpires, and encourage all our players 12 and up to consider learning to become an umpire, particularly for the younger teams.

We would like to thank those who perform this role each year.

working with children check
All coaches, managers and umpires over 18 are required to complete their Working With Children check via Service NSW.  This process is free, and lasts for 5 years.

See WWC website for information on how to apply

team umpires

For Net Netball, "umpiring" is usually the coaches and parents assisting game play by explaining the rules while the game is being played.

For 8’s & 9’s, a qualified umpire is not required, and many teams use a parent volunteer.  Given these competitions are played under modified rules, umpiring at this level is usually explaining the rules as part of any action.   Half way through the season, the 9's teams switch to playing full rules to assist with the transition to full competition.

For 10's and up, each team will be assigned a list of available umpires for the year, and it is the responsibility of the manager to ensure the umpire is available for the game each week.  Umpires will receive a small fee ($15 - $20) per game, and this will be provided at the game by the team manager.  If a team makes the final series, a badged umpire will be required.  If the club does not have any badged umpires, we will arrange to borrow some from another club.

learn to be an umpire

We assist any person 12 and up who wishes to become an umpire, by providing training and mentoring.  Training courses are available via SSNA, and the club will contribute to the cost of these courses.